My Life and Web Chatting

My Life and Web Chatting

Posted on September 9, 2016

He was lying on the bed trying to sleep. But wasn't able to do so, needed to utilize that time. Switched on the laptop and signed in the friendsÂ’ book account. He was seeing the news feed of his friends, their status updates and much more. While surfing, he found his 10th class crush. The one whose smile made his day. At times, he had much to say but lacked due to lack of confidence. But again, she was there, and he replenished all feelings for her. The untold moments were again in front of him. Remembering all, he sent her the request. After a while, the request got accepted. The interaction started just with a "Hii". Both recognized each other and cherished all their memories. In the earlier days, the boy hesitated to share his feelings just because he lacked confidence. But as he started chatting with her, it was all good. They had general chats, which slowly became weird and they slowly came closer. The time they spent together increased day by day. The boy who was hesitant at times was much comfortable with web chatting and freely shared his feelings. Now, the one who never had interaction, spend times together. We can regard it as the best part of web chatting. Web chatting enables us to share our views and express feelings, much easily. At the same, it makes the person confident and acts as a booster helping to have face to face or offline interaction. We can regard it among the best outcomes of web chatting. We should realize that at times when the person isn't comfortable with saying what he feels. At such times, web chatting can act among the best methods. We can conclude that it has made things much easier. The interaction level of the people is enhancing. They easily get comfortable with others. Teenagers use web chatting to a greater extent. This is the age when attraction occurs. There are points when the teen needs to interact but doesn't get the right opportunity. At such times, this helps a lot. It makes people much closer. They are easily advantaged by various features being offered like video chatting, voice calling, and many more. If we come to an outcome, we can regard it as necessity required for the personality development to some extent.

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